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FYI, from their FAQ:

How much will shipping cost?
Ground Shipping: $7.95 Flat Rate Shipping*
Orders over $75 – Promotional Free Shipping*

[Couldn't find what the *'s refer to.]


So question,

I know nothing about these but I like the way they look. I have an awkward window in my den that is like 6 ft tall and 8 ft wide... big window. How many of which items would I need to make it look like the picture.


I'm a single guy who recently moved into my first "own place", so the first time I ever had to buy something like curtains... I don't understand why so many curtains drape all way to the floor. I just want them going to the sill, is that so strange?


Maybe I'm just a little tired at the moment, but these curtains look like giant pajama pants.


Exactly what about these drapes is "eco-friendly"? I just had a look at the product details - polyester (doesn't biodegrade easily) fabric and the preferred cleaning method is dry cleaning (nasty stuff, dry cleaning fluid).


Does the carpet match the drapes?


@rookie3001: There are three varieties. Just above the sill, just below the sill, and to the floor. Just depends on what kind you want and your taste.


@rwoodruff13: at least 4, perhaps 6...usually a panel doesnt cover more than 2' and if you want to buckle like in the pic...better too many than not enough.


@aphroat: I guess they must mean the insulating value saves energy - I sure don't see anything else eco-friendly about these.


@corrosivesubstance: i concur; they look like trousers from afar


started to order these but then realized they're ugly.


They are not the best looking curtains in the world but at the price I will take some to get the house started and then later on I can buy the ones that start at $39.99. A few points though, the shipping won't apply as they cut you off at 6 curtains And the eco friendly is the insulation that will help in cold climates.