dealsscotch tl901 thermal laminator 2 roller system…


Picked up one mid Dec - wife needed one so it became another Christmas present. Works just fine. Of course, paying $16.00 plus (I think) free shipping was a better deal, but met our needs. Don't know how it would hold up to everyday use but for the once-in-awhile need it's great. Bought the laminate pouches at Sam's Club. Best price around that we've found.


In the sales paragraph, it says....

"Surprise your husband by protecting all those old baseball cards he has been saving!"

Only do this if you would like to be shot, hung, or otherwise have your soul separated from your body!

Absolutely insane! Who would write that? The person that wrote that statement should have his or her pink slip laminated and handed to them.

If there is someone out there that took that and ran with it, I'm pretty sure some type of legal action or fight.