dealssleeping dogs on steam for $9.99


Definitely one my favorite games of the year. It needs some work to make it perfect, like planes and helicopters, but as it is it's great. Be sure to check out the glitch that sends your car flying across the map, it's a blast.


@fourrayg: Thanks for the info on that. I don't remember my Steam password (saved on home computer), and I'm at work - so I bought on Amazon and will activate when I get home.
And I should probably reset that password while I'm at it.


It is not 9, it's 10 dollars.


If anyone prefers buying from Amazon, they have price matched the PC download to $9.99. Still activates on Steam too


GREAT game. A story line that is actually decent and characters you can actually get into. The combat system is the best out there for this kind of game period. The driving is also far better than others like it. Cool abilities in cars etc. This is pretty much a must have at 9 bucks for any gamer that enjoys a good action game.

Side note, some GREAT music on this game, especially the Daptone station.


I like this game better than GT4 ... I know GT4 got a bunch of critics saying it was the best game ever and I know it's a few years older... but in SP the combat is better (unarmed & armed), the driving is better, only the mini games are worse if you ask me (karaoke? really?) haha ... lots of fun, got all the DLC


Got it for XMAS...Only started playing a few days ago. This is a good game for sure. $9 is a steal


Great find, this game has a surprisingly engaging story and characters. I paid the full 60 bucks and couldn't have been happier!