dealshp h8 desktop pc's (refurbished) for $659.99 + $5…


Hewlett Packard- Dedicated. And by most mac's h8d.


I don't need this comp but I kind of want it just because H8 is in the name.


So do I have this right that there is no card reader or firewire? Do they still use firewire on new computers or do I just need to get an adapter for me microphone interface?

Oh and can I build it cheaper. Before anyone says anything I'm already aware that the PSU and video card will have to be upgraded as is the rule with all off the shelf computers apparently.


@urocyon: I can't speak for everyone, but both HPs (I learned my lesson after the second one) I have purchased have had something in place making it impossible to upgrade certain parts. The motherboard on the first had a piece blocking me from replacing the video card and the second one had a "shield" over the RAM.

Those are both parts that should be easy to replace to keep a computer up-to-date. They weren't, so I would have had to either replace the motherboard, which I don't trust myself enough to do, or buy a new computer.

So I'm not a fan of HP.


I got the intel one back a couple months ago. I posted on the last one of these (what like a week ago?) and now I'll do it again.

It took a month for it to arrive, and when it did, I had it barely a week before the motherboard died on me. Had to send it back, and another week and a half later I got the replacement, it's worked fine since then so far. Might want to get the squaretrade warranty if you buy them just in case.

I replaced my video card with no issue, but my better power supply doesn't fit in the case properly due to the outlet's corner being where the case wants to be, so I have it laying on its side with the power supply just kind of sitting almost in place. I don't know if this is an issue with just my PSU's outlet position or if it's bad case design, but I can live with it for now.

Other than those two issues, the computer runs like a dream, and hasn't really given me any problems.


Gratuitous apostrophes make me want to gouge out my eyes. C'mon, woot!


Got this last time. Wouldn't boot after 24 hours and I called tech support in India. They refused to help me because the computer was "out of warranty".

Woot! made good by letting me return it with a full refund, but I won't buy another HP again.


I bought the H8-1234 from Moofi/Woot on Sept 21. It had problems out of the box freezing, rebooting, and crashing. I spent three nights with HP chat and HP email support, ultimately ending with them sending me a box to ship it back to them with. I received the computer back last week and it still had problems. The new FedEx box is supposed to arrive today so I can send it to them again. It's been a month now and I'm nowhere near having a working computer. This has been a giant waste of time and resources. Consider yourself warned.


@wuddawaste: Whew Thanks. Im looking for a low end gaming computer. Nothing blazing fast but at least capable of actually running most games vintage 2010 and earlier.
HP is really starting to scare me. Since I hear they are getting out of the PC business, I wonder if they are just throwing in-stock pieces together, slapping a new model number on them and pushing them out the door. Love the model "H8" Someone still has a sense of humor.