dealssansa fuze+ 8gb mp3 player (refurb) for $24.99


Grabbed 3! (YES, I know...shipping on each...grumble...grumble...)


@morriea: This may be your very last post here once you realize how clumsy and difficult these things are to operate. They may have to put you away in an asylum. By a Sony Walkman. Great design and great functionality.


@justabandnerd: Uh, what the hell? The Sansa Fuze is so easy to use, it's not even funny. And it has better battery life more features and better audio quality than the Walkman, at a fraction of the price. These things use both feet to kick all butts.


@skunkmonkey: I tried to use once in my car, connected by aux in to my Pioneer Premier. It sucked far and wide. I suppose it's a good choice if you're going to be looking at the unit while you control it, but I was driving and trying to use it while looking at the road. In other words, it might be good if you are on a bus or something.


@justabandnerd: Okay, first off, aux-in ports generally suck, I don't care what deck you have. Also, this is designed as a personal media player, not as a substitute for putting CDs into that deck in your car. If you wanted full integration, you should have forked out the dough for an iPod and bought the exact cable to fully integrate with it, not expected it from a bargain-priced little player over a cable that can only transfer audio signal.


Grabbed 1, thanks! Upgrading from the Clip + to this :D

@justabandnerd So because you don't know how to make a playlist you say it sucks?


Don't Sansas sort of have a bad reputation? Mooning over abusive princes, ratting on their own father...surely it's worth holding out for the Arya.


@kcostell: The only reputation Sansa has around here at Woot is being freaking amazing, for amazingly low prices!


I don't have personal experience with this particular model, but my experience with Sansas in general is that their user interfaces leave a lot to be desired. You can get a LOT more mileage out of them using Rockbox. However, the Rockbox Port is still pretty beta:


@thegarageband: This was never a playlist issue because I don't like using playlists.


@skunkmonkey: You still use CD's? I don't. I haven't used a CD in several years already. In fact, what I did is go out and buy a DSX-S100 because I don't use CD's and haven't for a very long time.

And if I want a good product, the last thing I'm going to buy is an Apple product. If I wanted something good, I'd buy a Walkman or Samsung player.


@mdwyerfoo: yeah I wasn't bashing Sansa at all. In fact, I had and still have my Sansa Connect which, imo, was a product ahead of it's time with a good interface and good controls. Most Sansa's are great.


@justabandnerd: What?! Really?! My last post for awhile? I love Sansas...these are EASY to operate.


@kcostell: Don't worry. I got your Game of Thrones reference. I enjoyed it. Thanks for the chuckle :)


@kcostell, HA! I enjoyed that, even if no one else seemed to get it...


I am on my 2nd Sansa Fuze (1st was stolen) and it works fabulously through the aux in port of my car stereo. Easy to navigate, battery lasts hours and hours, can be readily recharged with any 12v auto-USB adapter, and sound quality is terrific. I greatly prefer it to my iphone as a music source in my car.

Unfortunately, however, this is the Sansa Fuze "+" which uses a touchpad for navigation instead of the 4-way scroll wheel on the prior, non-"+" version. Do a bit of research and you will find most users find the Fuze "+" touchpad frustrating at best, and unusable at worst.

Most importantly, ignore justabandnerd. "this one time, when I was at band camp..."


OK, I recall that one of the Sansa players, had terrible reviews, but this one has good reviews except for the proprietary cable (boo!). Anyone know how difficult it is to get an extra cable or three, and does anyone else recall which Sansa has the bad reviews?


@bebolton100: Tell it like it is!

2.5 stars on Amazon. This is a horrible product.

Get yourself a Sansa Connect, regular Fuze, Sansa Clip, Sansa C200, E200 or just about any other Sansa. If you buy this one you may literally end up in an insane asylum.


@bebolton100: Thanks, very important to note this is the "+" which is totally different from the Fuze. Terrible reviews of this one, so I will pass.

Go to for a review.


Does this, by any chance, display RDS information when you use the FM tuner? I'm looking for a small, low-cost RDS receiver.


@tsfisch: Having no idea what RDS is, I googled it. Unfortunately, I still don't understand what it is, but I can now inform you that Wikipedia claims that the Sansa Fuze+, Sansa SlotRadio Player and Sansa Clip Zip all implement RDS.

I hope that helps you; I just wish I understood it!


You gotta love the battery life.


@bebolton100: Glad you pointed out the problems with this Sansa model. I did remember seeing lots of complaints about the touchpad and was going to post something as well.


@ginawoot: RDS... the simple "splanation" - your car radio or Sansa or what not, when you are listening to a station / song etc they can send some info that shows up as " Artist / Album / Song " ie "Rush / 2112 / Discovery "


Bought one of these after my previous Fuze (the one with the spinning disc in front) no longer could hold a charge (and was a pain, if not impossible, to replace). Returned it the next day. This model was a huge leap back, interface wise. Bought a Sony Walkman and have been VERY pleased with it. Use it almost daily and after 2 years the battery is still holding out.


That's a great deal. The whole family has Sansa Clips. Might have to get a couple as backups.


YAY! My supply was starting to get low, thanks for posting the deal rprebel!


Had one of these, until I put a bigger SD card in my Android. It is easy to operate, but there is a high learning curve. One can hit the wrong function VERY easily.Also, Battery life is outstanding, and SD slot is cool. But, if using it in an armband, get a right angle plug for earbuds or aux cords, because the port is on the bottom, and butts up against your arm, and has potential to short the plug.. (on a side note, Sandisk customer service replaced it within 2 days).


I bought two of these in a woot off a few years ago. They both worked great until about 4 months ago. I tried to move music to them and the music would get scrambled and sound like a CD was skipping when I played it on my Sansa. I moved it back to my computer and it was permanently scrambled like that. Sansa's online help forum didn't have any complaints that matched it. I was using the cords...and both cords did this. I used two different operating systems (Win 7 and xp) and had the same problem. And like I said, this happened with BOTH fuzes's. And finally, yes, I tried different music. I don't know what the problem was. I updated the firmware in an attempt to fix it...nothing worked. So no, I won't buy another Fuze even if it is just $24.


Be still my beating mp3's!!!


Fantastic deal. While I was there they also have a stuhrling men's watch for only $60. Bought both.


@colegrove713: I've had good experience with these things. My sister used one for 3 years constantly before the wheel broke.


@kcostell: Epically entertaining for me this morning, thank you! I wish you worked for Sansa; I'd pre-order an Arya as soon as available!


Sweeeeet!! I have been looking to replace my Sansa clip....PERFECT!!!


@rolandmai: This one doesn't have a wheel. It's not a Fuze, it's a Fuze+.


Horrible Seller. Do NOT recommend. Ordered tablet on 8/10, got shipped on 8/27, expected to arrive on 9/5. And their customer servie did not respond to 1st email for 5 days, 2nd email no response for 10 days.

Besides, this fuze+ is very bad especially if you ever used fuze. I bought one on $29.99 free shipping, and just hated it - very frustrating and complicated to use despite much improved screen over the original fuze.


.......A number of comments have been posted that the UI is buggy and is difficult to operate.....I looked at quite a few comments on other sites about this... What I found out is that once you update this to the Newest update (firmware) using the FREE Sansa Updater, that it pretty much fixes all the problems that most have complained about! This is a great price for this ---- what I do find that I don't like about this unit is that the headphone jack is at the BOTTOM of the player & that the BATTERY has to be soldered in, not simply popped in like the older style Sansas. The battery life is over 2X what my old Sansa is at 10 hrs, whereas this will last for 23 hrs. Having said all that, I may still purchase one.