dealssteam holiday sale- day 5


I really want the Sonic Franchise, but it says only partial controller support for most of the games. Can anyone elaborate on that?


@jethroop369: I know for a fact that Sonic Generations is controller supported, and I bet Adventure 2 is as well. I would try it, I bet most of the work with a controller.


Partial controller support means that for some menus, you will need a keyboard or mouse handy.


/me would prefer no controller support...


Don't forget both Portal's for $6.24! A must play!

Too bad BO2 isn't half off...


Dark Souls: Prepare To Die edition is currently on flash sale for $20, which I think is $5 less than it went on sale for during the fall event. Great game, kind of a badly done port but easily worth $20 and DSfix makes it a lot more playable.