dealskitchenaid pro plus kv25g0x professional 5 qt…


Good price due to it being a refurb.


@bluemaple: Thanks! I thought I put that info on the post, but I was posting from my phone and must have deleted it. (I have fat fingers, I guess.)

Yup, it's a refurb. I paid nearly double this price for mine!


@belyndag: Aha. I resist posting via phone due to both a lack of finger and visual dexterity on my part! ;-)

'Just realized this is the big kahuna model with where the bowl adjusts up/down rather than the head unit - per our discussion on your other post, the nicer model. That is a great price if the source is reliable.

Is it true you can use it to mix concrete in a crunch?


Is there any warranty on this?


We've had ours for a year and it's awesome. I do recommend you get a mixer paddle that has a scraper for better mixing, but other than that no worries. We use the grinder attachment all the time, the others not so much.


@bluemaple: I'm not saying it is true, and I'm not saying it isn't true, but my driveway is looking pretty darn spiffy!


does anyone know if it comes with plastic or metal gear?


@rosariorose9: I asked and received this for an answer: Hello, Within 14 days I can replace the unit for you other than that you will need to contact kitchenaid so they can replace it for you or fix the item within 6 mos. Thanks


Only two colors now available, and it's now 199.99.


Cant find it for $159.99 anymore.


@pcmcminn: Yup. This one was too good to last. Sorry. Keep your eyes open. I have seen similar deals as low as $179 a few times.