$10 gift card for $100 of store-pickup


the fine print - Valid on orders totaling $100 or more using Store Pickup placed on Sunday Nov 27th and Monday Nov 28th. Limit one $10 e-gift card per customer. Valid email address must be provided when ordering to receive the e-gift card. E-gift cards distributed by CashStar, Inc and will be emailed 2-4 business days after order is picked up. E-gift card may be redeemed online and in-store. Offer available for Friends & Family Pickup and Ship-to-Store Pickup options. Not valid if order is cancelled or on item(s) that are not available for Store Pickup. Excludes Marketplace items.


@kophia: Seems like the terms are pretty sane, but thanks for the fine print. :)


They would have to give me a lot more than $10 to use store pickup. I've tried store pickup at BB 3 times and it took an inordinate amount of time. Namely because they either hadn't picked the item when I got there, they picked the wrong item, and/or there was only 1 person working the entire customer service desk.


I've had the same experience with store pickup. Now, I just try to avoid Best Buy altogether.

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Best Buy store pickup generally sucks. The station is often unattended or clogged with a non-pickup customer, or they don't have the dedicated line even set up correctly. What's most irritating is Circuit City had in-store pick up solved for years. You'd think Best Buy would be able to replicate it, but they just can't seem to get it right. Just used it this week and like always it took 20 minutes because the store pick-up position was handling the return of the F-ing century and the pick-ups were stacking up.


3 x $40 for $50 iTunes card -$10 = $110 for $150 iTunes? 27% discount on everything in iTunes?


Same experience last night except the customer service desk was adequately staffed. They had two lines set up - one for returns one for pick up. One would think this would make things easy. I was the ONLY person in the pick up line but wouldn't you know some guy was returning something in the line. No biggie since there were 3 people working it, right? Nope. All 3 people including a manager were so enthralled with this return that none of them could help me. This went on for 10 minutes (Still the only customer waiting!) before I wandered away to see if there was still a copy of TDK on the floor. Nope, no go so I wander back but this time go in the return line since no one is there and ask if they can help me. NOPE! Only those 3 can do pick ups, fine whatever. Go wait in line for another 5 minutes before one of them decides to ask what I'm picking up, I tell him - he gets it - I sign for it. Done. 30 seconds.

TL;DR Best Buy pick up sucks.


@motytrah: Bestbuy still doesn't employ real time inventory. Circuit City had RTI and that is what made pick so much better. If BB would do this it would make shopping there a much more desirable experience!


@bgpblaze: Heck, most stores are farrrrr from real time on the inventory listed. (And I tend to think that's a deliberate choice on their part to increase the odds you come on down ... at the potential cost of a few sufficiently annoyed folks who'll stop shopping there, but that's probably the minority.)