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@kromo: You're going to the special hell.


@iug: Maybe most people do, but some of us (like me) only recently watched Firefly and Serenity for the first time (after being urged by friends for the x^n-th time). I watched both via Netflix streaming, but now want to own them both. I guess I am waiting for a day when I get the itch to buy something online (it happens) when hopefully my deals! woot! peers will have a sale at an acceptable retailer (read BesyBuy, Amazon, Overstock, fye, or somewhere else that doesn't have something like, "Surplus DVD Bargain Bin" in the URL) for the right price. Perhaps both Firefly and Serenity could both be on sale so I can just buy both. The most deluxe editions possible, please. So on behalf of those in my situation, keep it coming until we all actually own it. Sooner rather than later, I hope.


@iug: I agree it gets old seeing the same item here virtually every single day, but ultimately it's up to the users and they always vote it up. What can you do?


This was on sale at Target for the same price the other day. Actually, come to think of it, Target had a HUGE rack of br movies on sale under $10 at the time.


one of the best modern sci-fi movies


Don't most people own this by now? (I do). Does this need to be the top sale every day? It's always the same price too, so it's not like it's a breaking new low price.

iug iug

Why the hell is this on woot every farking day.. PEOPLE, WE ALL HAVE IT ALREADY DAMNIT!


@luke727: He probably talks in the theater, too...


@j5: I am right there with you!


I will say to everyone asking why this is on woot all the time...

I first watched Firefly last year. Fell in love on Netflix, didn't think about buying it until I saw Firefly on deals.woot. Bought it up. I didn't do much research and then I saw Serenity on here and it blew my mind that there was a movie: bought it, love it, watch it often.

Keep posting people!


"Why the hell is this on woot every farking day.. PEOPLE, WE ALL HAVE IT ALREADY DAMNIT!"

... This .

Goes double for Tablets.

I don't want to see another tablet unless it has a holographic option.


IPersonally I wasn't a huge fan of this


terrible movie. Firefly is a horrible show. not sure why people like it.