dealslego minifigures 5 for $10.00


Out of stock everywhere near me.


I'd get some for my son- but if it isn't available for shipping. Don't know how many cities still have physical ToysRUs stores in them- but mine doesn't anymore. Been a while since I've actually seen one of their brick and mortar stores.

Still a good deal if you still have one in your town.


-Free shipping if you spend $49 or more.
-You also get 10% back in rewards if you sign up as a member.
-Most Lego sets are buy-one-get-one 50% off. (While TRU is a little more expensive than, the 50% off usually more than makes up for it).
-If you are spending over $100, use coupon code SNOWTIME to get $15 off.
-I think all video games are still buy-one-get-one 50% off - through Saturday I believe. .


I just made a purchase for series 5 for in-store pickup and the total came to $10.78. Note that you have to wait for an email from the store and then you have 5 days to pickup the merchandise.

Thanks for the tip fenriq!


I looked over many of these and I found too many to be uninteresting. I'd really like the Dino Man, but not enough to gamble.


Different series (4 & 5) are available for shipping (Extra $5) but worth it! My gf collects minifigs, these will be perfect stocking stuffers!


Shipping was available for me but it costs an extra $5.


This item is not in stock for shipping, but is available for Store Pickup.