dealsmlb grill cover for $19.00 + free shipping


SWEET!!! My Dodgers are in first place and my current BBQ cover is trashed from the recent wind and rain we have had here on the coast.

Great find thanks OP :)


Had purchased the deluxe at least 8 years ago at Ace Hardware for A LOT more money than this (think it was $50.00). This year its looking sort of tattered, and was looking to buy a new one. Thank you for posting this GREAT deal!


This does seem like a great price if its fairly heavy duty. Great find! (Red Sox suck)


Do they realize there is a team in toronto? Go Jays!


Sold out for a lot of the MN Twins for example. Boooooo!


I have never had a vinyl cover, even the deluxe with felt lining last more then 2 years...not worth it. Used to use BBq covers as motorcycle covers... the good ones last and keep out rain.
If it were a good cover I'd pay $50 for a logo one... the good covers are $25-40