dealsdirty dancing (20th anniversary edition) [blu-ray…


7/24 - Price at 8:22am EST is $7.54...

Also, there is a line in the description that states:
This product is no longer available. For the latest DVD version of Dirty Dancing (Keepsake Edition), click here. For the latest Blu-ray version of Dirty Dancing (Keepsake Edition), click here.


@jlowrance: I saw that line. I think it's there by mistake. It doesn't make any sense that they would let you order something that was no longer available, but maybe that's just the charm of Amazon's incompetent autobots. I placed the order and it went through.

Expiring because of price.


Wasn't this movie released 26 years ago (1987)? Have these copies been hanging out in a warehouse for the past 6 years?


@sj-usa: Do DVDs go bad? And can't an edition have a second printing (or more) if it sells well?


I guess they couldn't have sold that well if they've been in stock for that long, especially if they're selling them for less than a fiver. And BTW, not saying that this is the case here, but the aluminum in CD's and DVD's can oxidize.


The DVD could have sold well at first and then tapered off.
Amazon could have found itself with more on its hands than they could sell.
Star Trek sold for $3.99 a few months ago, and that movie sold very well.
Sales happen.

I'm sure there are plenty of DVDs sold that were manufactured a while ago. Who cares? If the DVD didn't work, Amazon would take it back.