deals18 piece screwdriver set w/ bench rack for $9.99…


Have had this set for several months. Durable screwdrivers and some have a magnet tip.Mounted in the hallway for easy to obtain when needed.And for around $10.00 for around the house needs in one location you will not find these any cheaper with this quality and shelf storage included.


Dang, got excited for a sec, but then realized this has nothing to do with orange juice or vodka.


@bigshtank: If you're screwdriver has 18 components you might be doing it wrong.


I bought three sets of these for the crew at work to take apart computers with. In a couple of weeks they were complaining that the tips were wearing down. I got a few other sets for free from harbor freight and those are much better.


@lparsons42: I like my drinks to be complicated. I add 12 different vodkas and 6 different orange juices, especially Donald Duck OJ.


I've had my Harbor Freight ones for about 8 years and they've held up great. i paid $10 and I think they're are still $10. They look like the same set except the handles are different.


Having these in the house is always a good idea.