dealswendy's: free fries with text


Old and doesn't work anymore.


@samjung23 & @amallama: If you're referring to the link, it does appear to be broken (but isn't necessary for this promo), and I've reported it to deals.woot. As for the text code, it worked as of an hour ago, and I received notice of it slightly before that.

Wedit: link out is working now. Must have been on the Wendy's side.


That picture is priceless! The Hot N Juicy just jumps right out at you! lol!



Seems not to work. I waited 2 hours after texting to post.


Last time something like this was posted, it was for a free chicken sandwich of some kind. Same deal, text to this number to get it.

It worked, but when I brought it to my Wendy's, they said they couldn't take something displayed on the phone like that. I dunno. Might've just been that one, but they said they had a regional manager there at the time who told them that.


Making me hungry... thanks..


I didn't get any responce either! Bummer dude


Anybody get it to work recently? If not, I'll expire it, although the site I got it from shows it still being active...


I just did this and got a response back within seconds with a unique coupon code for free fries. The text still works.


@mcullers: Thanks! Thought I was losing my mind.

@jsoko: Since it was rip'd, I assume at least some of the others are dead. This one appears to still be active.


I miss the old burgers and fries!!!
New burgers are so greasy and seem to be missing something

New fries are just soggy lumps of potato that are over salted

On a good note - Try Burger Kings new fries - I think they are now the best!


@okham: I got the code alright today, but the bright folks at my local Wendy's told me, "We don't do that here." In other words, "I don't know what I'm doing..."


"Participating Local Stores are currently limited to the greater Mississippi area."


Use the locator to see "Participating Local Stores are currently limited to the greater Mississippi area"