dealsgarmin nuvi 50lm 5" portable gps w/ lifetime map…


Shame on Walmart for making it so hard to see the sale price. I wanted to confirm the item was still $99.99 before telling a friend about it, but Walmart wouldn't show the discount price unless I signed in. If you try to check out as a guest to see the price, they make you put in your e-mail address before revealing the price. Best Buy and Amazon will show sales prices if you simply put the item in your cart.


Just confirmed that it is still $99.99


I wooted a Garmin circa 2008 that still does just fine for me, but this lifetime updates deal is tempting. Hm, could this be the harbinger of even lower price points to come? On the fence here ...


Damn, I just bought a Nuvi 40 at Fry's for $96 after tax. That's without lifetime maps.... damn you Walmart for your ridiculously low prices!
Oh well =)


Now showing as $129.99 at WalMart.


it is still here at $ 99.99. Now the web site says $136.75. Beware big business.