dealsquikcell metallics in-ear earphones [mir] = $0…


$2.29 for cheapest shipping


I almost just bought $15 headphones lol..

I guess some people still "forget" to put "MIR" in the title..


Sorry, it's my first time doing this. I'd correct it if I could.


@trevornt: you are fine, don't worry. Thanks for posting


May be paid with a prepaid reward card. That is a red flag to me, not a rebate for cash!


@jbw072287: I think it probably means like a Visa. It lists 3 different stores in the Rebate.. I have no idea though, they may tailor it to the store you purchased from or something.


@trevornt: heh.. yea, don't worry about it.

Didn't mean it the way I'm sure it came off.
Plus, now I'm the one who looks like a jerk since they fixed the title, so you can take some solace in that :)


@jbw072287: "If your rebate payment is $5.00 or greater, you will receive an American Express® Prepaid Reward Card issued by AEPCMC under license from American Express Travel Related Services Company, Inc. (the “Reward Card”)." (From the rebate offer page at .) The last time I got a rebate from an item I got at Tiger, it was basically the same thing. Which is fine by me because though a few places don't take AmEx, many do.


@drchops: no worries. I was mainly worried that I had broken some rule of Woot etiquette because it's my first time actually posting a deal...which, if I had, would be my fault for being the newbie. The ironic thing is that I hate it when newbies don't stop to appreciate the rules before jumping right in to things... <_< .

And so they did fix the title. Huh. Well, if it's clearer, then that's cool with me.