dealsleatherman freestyle cx multi-tool for $19.99


Great price on a so-so multi-tool. Don’t get me wrong, I love Leatherman and having the Freestyle is better than nothing. I just find these trendy designs less useful than a traditional multi-tool.

For what it’s worth, I think the best medium duty multi-tool out there is the Leatherman Charge TTI. And if you want something lighter and smaller the Juice S2 is the way to go. For your keychain get the PS4. If you need anything more heavy duty than that the Super Tool 300 and the SOG Powerlock EOD they sell on woot occasionally are great options. The SOG is good, but I’ve also broken three of them, where as all of my Super Tools have stood the test of time. For sake of disclosure I was a tanker on the M1 series of tanks in the U.S. Army, so I probably used my multi-tool harder than most people will.


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Why didn't they just make this a moofi deal?


I "lost" mine at a party where it was being used to cut up limes for tequila. In for another.


Yeah, I have to agree this is only an OK tool. Maybe for an electrician type, but lacks some of the handiest tools like a bottle opener, screw driver heads or serrated blades.

These are the tools included on this:
154CM Stainless Steel, Clip Point Knife
Hard-wire Cutters
Needlenose Pliers
Regular Pliers
Wire Cutters


Yeah, this is definitely more of a pocket knife that just so happens to have a pair of pliers attached.


@meh3884: I will have to add to my previous statement, that 154CM is great blade steel. It should satisfy most people's needs quite well.

Just don't go using your blade as a screwdriver. I let some duffus use my Charge TTi and he chipped out the blade doing that. On a multi-tool that has a screwdriver on it he decided the blade was the best choice! As some of you are aware the TTi has S30V blade steel, which is pretty top shelf stuff. I was heartbroken. Oh, well. Off to Leatherman it goes for a blade replacement (Not covered under warranty btw).


In for 2, will be perfect for two fisherman i know, make it easier to get the hooks out of their bodyparts..bottle opener no big deal 99% are twist offs anyways.


Ok, now I am just confused. Thanks @woot


I have the non-CX version. Lots of comments on how it lacks a lot of the stuff that normal Leatherman multi-tools have. Very true.

What I like about this, though--and why I carry one--is that the knife is much more accessible than on any other Leatherman product. On most, you have to unfold the whole tool, and then flip the knife out, then close the tool...and again when you want to put the knife away.

On the Freestyle, the knife is on the outside and can be deployed and stored one handed, on its own. This is a great tool for those of us who want the convenience of a pocketknife that happens to also be pliers when necessary.


As far as multitool pocket tools go, this is definitely minimalist in design. For a smaller and lighter multitool, the gerber crucial is a good choice based on my personal experience. However, this tool is very useful for fishermen, giving them the two tools they need most - needlenose pliers for knot tying and hardware, and a decent knife for line cutting to bait cutting and rigging. Some fishermen prefer the mini pocket tools for the smaller needlenose, but the knife blade on those is simply too small to be useful. So, for fishing, this is a good tool.