dealsscrabble slam cards: toys & games for $2.99…


+ $4.16 for shipping if under $25 purchased.

Total (to California) $7.15


Yeah, I'd say it's probably not that worth it if you don't have Prime or aren't buying $25 worth of stuff. (I currently have an Amazon Mom trial, even though I'm not a Mom, that gives me prime shipping for a while.)


It's a good price to be a "filler" if you just need a few extra bucks added to get the free shipping.


I have a free prime membership for another 10 days, afterward...I will be buying my prime membership. Most anyone can get 6 months of free prime...if you are a student, professor, parent (mother or father), and many more ways to get free prime memberships for 6 months.

Btw, I got one for my wife for her Christmas stocking.