dealsglobal 1gb mp3 player with 1.8" display and…


honestly I would stay clear of this thing. waste 10 bucks if you want. you've been warned


@fit410s: Can you be more specific? Have you owned 1, and it didn't work well? I'm looking for a simple one for my daughter to use when she works out. This seems to fit the bill, and for $10 that's less than any I've come across.


What a deal!!!! 10 bucks for an off brand 1GB(!) mp3 player with a 1.8 inch screen?! No thanks. I'll probably get to song 58 out of 130 before the thing dies, and never charges again.


@blakem001: For those of us that are looking to buy an inexpensive mp3 player, can you point us to a better deal or suggest an alternate player? Have you tried this particular model or just had bad experiences with others?


@knifekingdom: I've had good luck with the Sansas. Woot used to have them refurbished every week a few years ago then they just kind of disappeared. They are $30 for the 4GB players brand new on Amazon and worth every penny.


@knifekingdom: I do not own this brand, but I wasted money on several cheap mp3 players, before I heard about sansa. Save yourself the money, they are a PITA, I had everything from a volume button that didn't work, to one that came with malicious software. Here is a recent posting that seems to still be available:

I am not familliar with this seller. Deals show up here, just do an occasional search, put sansa.


@battra92: Thanks (and to pickypickypicky). I went ahead and grabbed 1 of these, but will look into the Sansa if it doesn't work out.


Only thing nice about this is the record feature. The mic picks up sound pretty well actually. But other than that it will frustrate you, UI is horrible.


Just one word (or four letters)-IPOD!