dealskrispy kreme buy 1 dozen, get 1 dozen free on 12…


As Homer would say:
"Donuts. Is there anything they can't do?"


I could eat glazed Krispy Kremes until I gag, but the closest store is just over 100 miles away.


@matinaf: I have never seen them do the 2 for 1 at my location without coupon...


This is a great deal, as Krispy Kreme donuts are actually the only leavened donut that I like ( I prefer cake donuts ). Unfortunately, the only Krispy Kreme we had here was built while they were fudging their books & it closed shortly after opening.


Dunkin Donuts master race reporting in


@donslin: Same here. Let's see, 100 miles x2 / 25 mpg = 8 gallons x $3.xx gal = ...wait, one coupon per person? I need to find more people, it's time to car-pool!


Connecticut's renagade affair with Dunkin Donuts was bound to catch up with them someday. CURSES !


After the epic rise - and epic collapse - of the krispy kreme expansion some time ago I thought the whole chain went under. They tried to take over the world, a bit too quickly.


I thought Krispy Kreme went out of business. All the stores in my area closed.


Thanks for listing this coupon, just got my fix. Microwave for 8 seconds brings them back to life even 2 days later.


Too bad most of the Krispy Kreme stores closed where I am (Chicago area).


im sad that this deal is over in 1 hour PST...

hopefully there'll be another coupon for tomorrow... "bakers dozen day" :D


This might sound weird, but I have heard you can freeze donuts and then microwave them for 10 seconds, good as new. I put half of mine in the freezer so we'll see! Just a tip for those who didn't want to eat them all last night :-)


@matinaf: Lucky! I noticed a sign at ours in Orlando for buy one dozen, get $1 off the second. Not a very good deal :-/


really? Oh.....our Seattle store have had a sign out front with this deal for at least the last 3 years!! having 5 kids, I get this for every birthday party, parent meeting erc! Sorry :)


Eat that Connecticut! Serves you right for being Connecticuticans! We in the rest of the country will eat doughnuts- get heart disease and die young...

Wait?!?!?! NO!!!!!!

/ moving to Connecticut.


They always have the 2 for 1, no coupon needed.....