dealskrispy kreme buy 1 dozen, get 1 dozen free on 12…


As Homer would say:
"Donuts. Is there anything they can't do?"


They always have the 2 for 1, no coupon needed.....


@matinaf: I have never seen them do the 2 for 1 at my location without coupon...


really? Oh.....our Seattle store have had a sign out front with this deal for at least the last 3 years!! having 5 kids, I get this for every birthday party, parent meeting erc! Sorry :)


Eat that Connecticut! Serves you right for being Connecticuticans! We in the rest of the country will eat doughnuts- get heart disease and die young...

Wait?!?!?! NO!!!!!!

/ moving to Connecticut.


This is a great deal, as Krispy Kreme donuts are actually the only leavened donut that I like ( I prefer cake donuts ). Unfortunately, the only Krispy Kreme we had here was built while they were fudging their books & it closed shortly after opening.


Too bad most of the Krispy Kreme stores closed where I am (Chicago area).


I could eat glazed Krispy Kremes until I gag, but the closest store is just over 100 miles away.


Dunkin Donuts master race reporting in


Connecticut's renagade affair with Dunkin Donuts was bound to catch up with them someday. CURSES !


After the epic rise - and epic collapse - of the krispy kreme expansion some time ago I thought the whole chain went under. They tried to take over the world, a bit too quickly.


I thought Krispy Kreme went out of business. All the stores in my area closed.


@donslin: Same here. Let's see, 100 miles x2 / 25 mpg = 8 gallons x $3.xx gal = ...wait, one coupon per person? I need to find more people, it's time to car-pool!


Thanks for listing this coupon, just got my fix. Microwave for 8 seconds brings them back to life even 2 days later.


im sad that this deal is over in 1 hour PST...

hopefully there'll be another coupon for tomorrow... "bakers dozen day" :D


This might sound weird, but I have heard you can freeze donuts and then microwave them for 10 seconds, good as new. I put half of mine in the freezer so we'll see! Just a tip for those who didn't want to eat them all last night :-)


@matinaf: Lucky! I noticed a sign at ours in Orlando for buy one dozen, get $1 off the second. Not a very good deal :-/