dealssale @ tree classics - up to 68% off artifical…


So, I usually buy my fake prelit tree after Christmas on sale, but these prices seem high. For instance, one of these (6.5', 650 bulbs) is $999 marked down to $499, but when I Google the same height/number of lights I can't find any over $474, and most under $400. No deal.


@eug28guy: I'm not gonna argue over the price BUT when buying an artificial Christmas tree, there are two other things you should consider:

tips: The more tips (branch tips), the fuller the tree.

lights: More lights.... well, you know. My last tree (not this one) had 1000 lights on an 8 ft tree. You could read a book by that thing!

You shouldn't just look at size and price. They do offer a great variety of trees if you're choosey.


I too can't speak on the prices of the trees. However, being an extreme decorator (, I can talk about the Light Keeper Pro they have.

At $25, that's $7 more than the best price you can get it for at this time of year ($18 Walmart), and $5 more than the average price (which is $20). That's a pretty hefty mark-up.... And the 'Original' price of $46 is WAYYYYYYY out of line.