dealsrefurb dell streak 7 tablet for $140.00


Factory refurbished w/90 day warranty


Thanks. Missed that it's a refurb


@cornellbigred: Plus it's actually $139.99, not $140, hehe ;)


Also requires a T-mobile plan:(


only requires a T-Mobile plan if you want GSM. If you're ok with WIFI no plan needed.


This is actually a fairly decent tablet. I bought a Wi-Fi only version from Best Buy when they were $159 (I think) on Black Friday. It's been a great tablet these last few months. I did add a 16GB SD Card to it for my music and photos. The headphones sound great, but I see this refurb doesn't include them.

The camera is decent enough. I've never had a problem with the Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. All of the apps I've thrown at it have all run great. Oh, and games! Since it's a Tegra 2 device, plenty of games will run on it.

There are only a couple bad things I can say about it. First, viewing angles. In Landscape, it's not so bad. In portrait, I have to hold it just right to be able to read in the Kindle app properly. That can be said for any app in portrait mode.

It does not use a standard USB port for charging. In fact, it looks a lot like an Apple iDevice connector.

There were some devs working on an Ice Cream Sandwich update, but the project seems to have stalled out.


You mean, I could finally own a portable dell that won't fail due to broken hinges in 8 months? Wow... slightly tempted...