dealsvelocity micro cruz 7" android tablet for $49.99…


a Decent Price but not worth your money.
I own one of these and they are extremely limited in what they can do even if you flash a rooted rom..

This is known as the Cruz R101 to anyone who wants to look up more detailed info


Android 2.0 (No App to SD Support like 2.1+)
No Android Market (Not unless you install a custom rom)
when you do get Android Market to work on it MOST apps wont work on it due to the MILPS Type CPU
Extremely little storage for apps (20MB Free with the Stock Rom, 40MB Free if you install the custom rom and up to 500mb if you setup App2SD with a custom rom)
Won't support Kindle or Nook Apps or books from them
Only Supports Kobo and a couple of others

So All in all this Tablet fails to due the basic thing it's meant to do, work as a e-Reader. If you want a eReader get a Kindle or a Nook, if you want more consider a Refurb Nook Color or Kindle Fire