dealsextra 25% off shoes


I haven't had great service with this site. I ordered a pair of shoes from them on a Wednesday morning. The order confirmation stated they would be shipped on Thursday or Friday. They waited all weekend and sent them out on the following Monday. If you're willing to wait for them I suppose it could be a good deal.


I wear a size 14 shoe and growing up it was not easy to find any sort of selection for shoes. Then I found and have been buying most of my shoes from them. You get free shipping and I can usually find a coupon code at retailmenot for like 30% off. I once bought a pair of shoes (Sketchers) that just didn't feel right when I put them on. My wife accidentally threw out the box so I shouldn't have been able to send them back according to their policy, but when I called they allowed me to send them back and they replaced them with a different pair that felt great.