dealsstainless steel soap - eliminates odors for $0.99…


Condition: For parts or not working
Getting one anyway and hoping I can cobble together one working model with my broken one at home.


@redhage: Take it to a professional - I know plenty of people who have died trying to do that very same thing.

Here's the next sentence:
"An item that does not function as intended and is not fully operational.

I think that's just basically there way of saying "Hey, this thing kiiinda might not work"


and it's only like 3inches long. you might wanna stay away from this...


For that price it's a crime not to try it at least.


This is worth a try because my stainless steel toothpaste works wonderfully.


Not sure why it wouldn't work. If it's stainless steel, and it says it is, it should work. I've got one at home and it works fine. Actually anything that's stainless steel will do the same thing, but these little things are handy.


It works even better if you have low iron.


These do work.

I had one until I dropped it one day in my kitchen sink, which is stainless steel, now I can't find it.



I think I might know why the description says:
"100% new and high quality"
but the condition at the top says
"for parts or not working".

Right above the item condition and picture it says:
"This seller is currently away. If you make a purchase, there may be a delay in processing your order."

Did anyone else see that message at the top of the listing? Remember, we are dealing with a Chinese company here. I bet that they choose that condition to tell customers they were on vacation or something. They probably thought we'd see the "...not working" and understand that they meant THEY weren't working at the moment.

Idk - its just a guess. It does appear to be new, but idk how quickly it will arrive...

~Sharon :D


My stainless steel bathroom tissue has lasted for years. I'm considering buying this to take the smell off my hands.


Stainless steel does help release odors from your hands, like garlic and onions, but you've already got plenty of stainless steel things in your kitchen, I'll bet.


The stainless steel soap has been discussed on NPR. A professor of chemistry conducted a home self-experiment and did not notice any effect.


Ah yes, the home self experiment....come on now, we all know that NPR has a left wing socialist agenda that would love to know that they were responsible for all the conservative's smelly fingers........


I have had one of these for years and it works for me. I use a single drop of Dawn liquid and do the surgical handwash routine for about a minute. All but the most extreme smells are gone, and for the obvious horrors (heavy garlic/onion prep, jalapenos or hotter peppers, I use nitrile gloves.


Will this also work for environmentally friendly butt wiping?


Use caution as 3 of these have already been proven to be Terminator T1000 models from the future in disguise...


"A professor emeritus of chemistry conducted a home self-experiment and did not notice any effect."

Hmm...seems gimmicky.


@young108west: Perhaps there's a reason he retired. I remember seeing one of these on deals.woot a few months ago, someone recommend just using a stainless spoon instead, and I've found that trick to work wonderfully. It doesn't get 100% of the garlic smell off my fingers, but it certainly reduces it a ton.


This may work or not, but I wouldn't recommend trying stainless steel toilet paper.


@uhmbob: Only if they come in the shape of seashells. You'll need to order three though.