dealsbluetooth retro handset for $24.99


Cool idea, but I wish someone would come out with a rotary dial cell phone!


if you want a rotary dial cell phone here it is... Not cheap


I got this from thinkgeek a long time ago. I didn't like it because the handle is rounded and smooth, and I couldn't hold it between my ear and my shoulder like you'd do with a normal phone. It kept slipping off and falling on the ground, so I just use a headset now.


Mine worked fine right until the power/call/hangup/everything button jammed, and I've screwed up (read broke) the tiny tiny wires inside the handset in my attempts to fix things. It's sitting on the shelf until I can carve out the time to re-do all the wiring on the device.

Cute device, middle to poor build quality. Not much value other then novelty.


@thebaz67: The black model is a bit cheaper-Heck the same price as the Verizon iPhone. But without a contract and would likely survive being run over by a tank!

Can your app do that?


I bought one of these a couple years ago, and as much as I liked the idea of it, the mic on it sounded echo-y and tinny to those on the other end of the line with me. (The receiving end was fine, I could hear folks crystal clear.) Hopefully since then they've upgraded and improved the mic.


These are basically crap. I bought one back in 2007, and it sucked. I emailed TG to complain, and heard back that they were on a second generation unit. So I bought one again just recently, and it still sucked.

I did get lots of comments on it while it was on my desk at work, though. That's all I could find of value about it.

Shame, really. They could charge 2-3x as much if the darn thing worked!


@jnixon: This is the original "normal phone."


bluetooth kind of defeats the purpose of the retro styling... the version with the old style spiral cord with a usb plug at the end is way more interesting.


Agreed. I have the corded version, and it just looks much cooler. Have the phone in your inside coat pocket, possibly with a bit of velcro to hold the phone in place. The effect is priceless.


totally unnecessary product, but yet, I am tempted to buy it...