dealsstarbucks: $2 off hazelnut or caramel macchiato


Watch using this. This is a coupon sent out only to certain gold card members. And it isn't for machiato it is for 2 dollars off ay expresso drink. The code is the same but I didn't get this coupon so it is probably fake. Starbucks told me if it doesn't have a scan code they won't be taking them.


This is only for goldcard members who've received it. If you're below gold or don't have a card at all, when you enter the code the point of sale will ask for a barcode/card (which you don't have) so it won't work.


I would also note that Target Starbucks stores do not redeem these.


Went to Starbucks today, got a Venti Macchiato and no problem, I paid $2.77 total for it. It works!

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there is also a 1$ off esspresso drinks for green members. check your SB account and email.


I printed this out and took it to starbucks they said I needed to put this on a starbucks card to make it work? But it still didn't work, So the nice employee tried to use the code with his card and it still didn't work So he gave me a FREE ONE !!! So the code 352 is useless. If any one knows how to add this code to your card to get the 2 dalla off let me know


It doesn't work on just ANY Starbucks card. It is a coupon that was emailed to certain GOLD CARD members. It was loaded directly on to their card so if you don't scan a card that it has been loaded on to then it will NOT work. Bottom line; it's not for everyone and it shouldn't be on any websites.