dealskohls's - ninja xl blender for $84.99 + free…


Fiance bought the everything package for the ninja from Kohl's a while back. It is awesome. It does in fact make snow like in the infomercial if you want, smoothies are actually smooth, and the OJ concentrate that usually has pulp that I mixed, was smooth as silk. Awesome blenders.


I bought one of these a few months ago. It could make a smoothie out of your fingers if you wanted it to. Really a great product. My only complaint is after using it to blend ice cubes into my smoothies for the last couple of months, the smaller blades (the one that fits into the individual serving cup) start to slip a little now. The gear will turn, but the blade won't spin.


The Ninja is a nice blender. The blade is designed to pull items towards the blades but it doesn't work every time. The blender has to be at least 3/4's full to allow the blades to work properly. The motor has plenty of power and doesn't seem to slow even with ice. The quality over all is very good. This is a great price.


I've had this blender for a few years, but bought it elsewhere. I love the thing and have used it quite a bit. The quality seems quite good to me, I can't think of any complaints. Just be careful when cleaning it because the blades are super-sharp! Sure it's not a Blendtec or Vitamix, but it's not priced like one either. :)