deals35% off green man gaming


Very nice! I just used the code to get the Lego Lord of the Rings game, and it worked just fine. Thanks!


I wish I could say I used the bank won't let me buy anything through them.

"Your Payment Provider has not authorised your purchase. This may be because some banks (incorrectly) believe that Green Man Gaming is a gambling website. "

Whether I use my card directly, or go through Paypal, it fails both ways. A royal PITA, because my other bank cancelled my debit card as it turned up on a list of compromised cards. Can't remember what I used last time. Don't really feel like paying $5 on a Greendot card to load my Paypal account either.


@mlindholm: Did you call your bank? They can probably fix that problem for you.


@peaceetc: Sure did, and nope, they couldn't see any problem from their end. Card has funds, they were seeing a $0 charge come through, but no transaction for the total price being approved or denied.

Guess I'll wait until my replacement debit card shows up for my main bank, and try it from there....or wait until Borderlands 2 goes on sale again on Steam for $29.99.