dealsteam 64gb usb 2.0 flash drive for $29.99 + free…


I got one of these. It is a great price, super small (about an inch long), and arived as promised. +1


@#%$%$~! Literally just bought this from Newegg for $35.

Arrived yesterday, so I've only been able to use it once but I can say it works.


I bought one of these in a prior Woot. The 64-gig space is nice to have for movies and other big files.
Copying files was fast on my system (USB 2.0).
The design with a larger hole at the top is great as it fits nicely on a keychain.
No complaints here - I recommend this drive.


Newegg is going crazy selling these Team flash drives! This is like their third sale. I'm holding out for the 64GB usb 3.0