deals$1.00 charm bracelet sale for $1.00 + $3.99…


This might have been a good deal if they had more than just two (terrible) options to choose from....


and $5 shipping for EACH item


@dstrager: "Your Choice The Aztec Style Charm Bracelet or the Summer Fun Charm Bracelet." Ten options on the page, two for charms.


Hey all we were hoping to get a great deal for everyone i hope this makes the grade. Thank you for checking it out from the EOR team


Odd, I added 1 to cart, was 4.99, I added a second and was an additional $4.99, I was signed in too though so my location may be more but still not a great deal.


I've bought a couple of charm bracelets from this retailer and I have to say....

You get what you pay for in this instance. They are horrible and VERY difficult to get on. And much uglier then the pictures. I would stay far, far away....


@kelliedn: Uglier? My God. Using the photo as reference, I still can't fathom it.