dealsnano 3.5mm right angle 800 aux cable cord for $1…


It's 4' (1.3m) long in case anyone was wondering.


Please bear in mind that you get what you pay for with something like this. I bought a couple of these last month, and not that I really care, but both have gone bad with very moderate use.


If you plan on buying more than one, the coupon code only worked for one. So you're not going to get a cart full of them to $1.49 each. Still a great deal and I gladly gave them my money $$$ . . .


bought one of these and it destroyed the SATA connection on my HDD, the pin got stocked in, and while pulling it out it broke the connection .... avoid disconnecting it as much as possible.


@pemfir: @pemfir: How exactly could you break your SATA port with a 3.5mm audio cable?

Other than not understanding that you don't plug an audio cable into a SATA port, that is...


I bought one of these cables last time. It destroyed the engine in my car when I plugged it into the spark plug hole. It seemed to work real well for awhile, and the bass was bumpin, but then this wiered colored smoke started coming out of my engine compartment. Apparently, when you plug these into the spark plug hole, it allows oil and gas to come out of the hole. Avoid plugging these into your engine block at all costs. Eventually the wire completely failed and the metal tip melted off and went down into the cylinder and I threw a rod and slugged my piston. Buyer beware, you get what you pay for...........



@pemfir: You deserve that broken SATA port sir...

All i can think is MAYBE he's getting a 3.5" Sata HDD confused with a 3.5mm audio jack??

Perhaps we really do need to get off our imperial high horses if for nothing more than avoiding this kind of jackwagonry.


@danfryatt: I'll have you know, sir, I construct and ride only upon the finest of jackwagons. =P

That, and there's an image of the product. If he can neither read the description nor look at the picture, perhaps a bit of playful jibing isn't out of place.


They won't approve my card. And I know I have 1.45 :I


@commodog: And then you lost your job because you could not drive to work so the bank took your house,the boat,your lake house and the motorcycle. Your family has nothing to do with you anymore,now your dog bites but you saved $2.28 on that AUX cable so it's all good !


This doesn't work anymore (if ever it did).


@pemfir: ha ha i thought this was a SATA cable, sorry about that. the picture looked like one of them