dealssunbeam 1500 watt garment steamer with cool-touch…


I love my steamer. I will never iron again !


I have it.
I love it.
I use it just about every day on my Woot shirts.


I trust thunder so Im in for one (omg what did I do!) ;o)


@azdarkknight: Thunder did not steer you will not be bucks I ever spent! Wish I had room for one in every's that good.


Either I have poor technique or I have a defective unit because I cannot get wrinkles out with mine. I don't get a burst of steam until I shut it off (should I?); when it is on the steam trickles out. Anyone care to share techniques on getting wrinkles out or what "should" happen when it is running?


I wish I had space for one of these! I absolutely refuse to iron. I feel like this would be more economical than my current method of either throwing the wrinkled garment into the dryer with a damp cloth or donating it to Goodwill.


@damntheseglasses: the steam should emerge at a useful clip -- maybe not enough to smooth a pair of wrinkly linen trousers, but for most garments, a few passes over an area and the fabric should be noticeably smoother.

Sounds like yours might be defective. Maybe you need to ctc the manufacturer, or the seller?


I bought one on woot and love it. Just bought another for my sister. So worth it.

Asta La Vista Iron


@mamajamerson: It has wheels. Easy to put in a closet. But then, if your closets are like mine..........
My advice : make room !