deals$25 gift certificate - for $4.00


Be warned.... This website is sneaky, not all restaurants take these gift cards. Better to ask the restaurant before you even go there.

Also, there are many stipulations to even be able to use the card. Such as, you must have a certain amount in your party or you must pay 25% gratuity.....


Awesome sounding deal, however there is no place to enter the code and a representative from the site says if there is no box to enter the code, there is no promotion.


@acewingman: YES! I have read many complaints of changing the stipulations after you purchase your gift cards.

I am not a huge believer in, but you can see the horrible reviews for on them.

All told


I noticed one of the restaurant's in my area that they are selling gift certificates for has changed names, so they wouldn't likely honor it.


@acewingman: personally i have used the website/certificates several times, and i did encounter some minor problems, 2 to be exact; but have had them worked out.

1. unlike groupon certs, i've had my cert refused. a waiter refused my printed cert, but had the manager review it and the phone app. and i even brought up the website on my phone and they accepted.

2. one of the locations closed and i had 3 $25 restaurant certs. it took forever for their cs to get on the situation, but finally, after a year, i am able to exchange the certs for another restaurant. i stopped using because i thought they left me sol, but they've regained my trust.



@asianglow: Someone gave me a $25.00 restaurant gift card and when I logged into the site with the code on the card the site allowed me to search the restaurants in my area that would accept the gift cards. But once I read the stipulations for each specific restaurant I decided to give it to someone else... Who by the way has not used it yet because of the stipulations.

Here is a small sample of the stipulations from several of the restaurants in my area...

Minimum Purchase of $35

Minimum Purchase of $100

Minimum Purchase of $50. Not valid towards Lunch Special.

Minimum Purchase of $35. Excludes: Holiday/Special Events.

Minimum purchase of $37.50. 18% gratuity added prior to discount when full table service provided. Excludes: Holiday/Special Events. Valid towards entrees only.

Minimum 2 entrees

Minimum 2 entrees. 18% gratuity added prior to discount when full table service provided


@acewingman: oh yeah i forgot about all the small type.

the certs i bought with this YUM code only have one restriction - a minimum purchase that's double the cert's value...

so technically i will have a ~$50 bill and will end up paying ~$29+tax/tip... but it really depends on the restaurants.


We use gift cards all the time. I have never had a problem with them. Some places follow the fine print, while others have told me, "we just treat it as cash."