dealshp p7-1451 amd a10 10gb 2tb desktop (refurbished…


I'm interested in buying this computer. Any downsides? I'm a little concerned about a 90 day warranty. Anyone have any thoughts on that?


I figure, what's the worst that can happen and how likely is it. Sure, the thing could be all messed up out of the reboxed, then your covered or it could later burn up the processor ($130 new). Unlikely, but could happen. I have been looking around lots and this is a good deal. I'd jump on it but am hoping to get one at Staples today that's a little better for what I need.


10 Meg Memory, 2TB HD how can you lose? Worth it for parts.


Software - I hate that there is never a mention of the included software. If I have to pay for MS Office thats another $120 - come on already can't some dealer just give a straight - out of the box- good deal


@onomea: pretty sure you always have to buy MS Office unless you specifically purchase it as additional software. the version that ships is always the locked down one that stops working after awhile, or MS Works which, ironically, doesn't usually work.


@onomea: Open Office is a good free substitute. So are Google Docs, if you need to save the 2TB for something else (like storing the written works of man.) Seriously, why that much storage?


Please stop selling these pieces of junk with non-upgradable 300w max power supplies


from HP:

".....•Most HP Desktop computers contain ATX power supplies that are 6 inches (15.25 cm) x 5 inches (12.7 cm) x 3.25 inches (8.25 cm). If your computer has a standard ATX power supply, you can replace it with standard ATX power supplies sold by most electronic stores...."

This is an ATX case size. The processor takes only 65 watts, leaving it with 235 for the other stuff. I bet it could run a modest video card without a power upgrade.