deals$15 coupon for microcenter, no minimum purchase


This saved me and my friends a combined $144 today! THANKS!


i needed to go there this weekend any ways. Mine worked. I was going to spend $30 but only spent $15. Plus I saw a old friend that works there. Thanks.


Me and my roomies all printed out coupons, and used them! Over $45 in savings! Great deal! Also MicroCenter is great for those times where you have the "I WANT IT NOW" feeling!


Didn't even know about this company until today. Had been looking for a "Comp USA" type store ever since they closed. Newegg and Amazon are great, but sometimes you just want to browse.

What a wonderful store and though its over an hour away from where I live, I can see myself making a trip there every few months to check out what they have (plus there is a Trader Joe's next to it .. another store we don't have near us!)

The coupon was a great add on and I ended up spending 194 dollars there (got an "off lease" computer for the GF since her original Celeron computer was dying a painful death) plus some cat6 cables, microSD cards, and of course some canned air.


Worked just fine, but was only good for April 1.


Got mine and the wife is on the way to pick up the ssd I've got on 18 minute pickup since I'm at work.


@trimpegolf: Send another one to an alternate e-mail address.


Goldensempai here,.. I've received an email from them, seems legit enough. :)

Also didn't notice the post by wootgirl, and will try that way.


@danewdk: W00tgurl posted a link where you can get the coupon self-service, look above for the comment with the link.


I emailed them a few hours ago and I don't have the cupon or an email back. Is there another way to get this? I was going to go today but now I'm waiting until I get the coupon. Is there a direct link to the coupon?


Man... I tried printing it and my printer gave me an error, and now Micro Center won't let me print it or save it anymore. Fail.


@greenshopping - how is getting an item for free exploiting them? $15 is $15 on their balance sheet; the accountants have no idea and don't care how it was used. a coupon with no restrictions is likely meant to introduce new customers to the store, in the hopes that you will like them and return. it's up to them to make you happy enough to continue doing business with them and recommend them to others.


@greenshopping: I can honestly say, it doesn't matter whether you buy something that is free or not with this coupon, they are taking a loss on it either way. So your whole theory is mute. Most places only make around $10 on graphics card from the SRP, they then put those on sale which usually brings the profit down to $1-2 and then you use the coupon on that which makes it a $13-14 loss for them. These deals are called fly traps for a reason, they do nothing more than bring you into the store, fully intending to only buy one thing, but once you look around, you end up buying something else. Or that's their hope anyways. It also gives them a ridiculous amount of publicity at a small cost to their profit margin.


Wish it was good for longer since I have a MC right by my work, but I guess I can head down there today. Thanks!


Dang, they have the Ipad 2 64GB wifi for $100 less than best buy. (IN STORE ONLY)


@hwoot1: Sadness...None near me either. Every time I see a great Microcenter deal "in-store only" I wish for one near me.


Is this coupon "really" only for in-store? There are no stores in my state. Has anyone tried if the coupon works on the internet store anyway?


@greenshopping: Couldn't agree more. Microcenter really is one of the last remaining big computer stores where you can walk in and not only buy but see computer parts and electronics for prices that are competitive with the internet.

Unless they get more paying business they aren't likely to be around forever and an era will end. I know last time I was there employees were reminding customers that their warranties would still be valid if they went out of business.


you can try the direct link and send yourself one. it took a while, probably 15 minutes, to get mine in email. thanks OP!

link to MC coupon sender form


If you don't know if you have a MicroCenter near you, here are their locations:

CA - Silicon Valley/Santa Clara
CA - Orange County/Tustin
CO - Denver/Denver Tech Center
GA - Greater Atlanta/Duluth
GA - Greater Atlanta/Marietta
IL - Chicagoland/Central
IL - Chicagoland/Westmont
KS - Kansas City/Overland Park
MA - Boston/Cambridge
MD - Beltway/Rockville
MI - Detroit/Madison Heights
MN - Twin Cities/St. Louis Park
MO - St. Louis/Brentwood
NJ - North Jersey/Paterson
NY - Long Island/Westbury
NY - Yonkers
OH - Central Ohio/Columbus
OH - Northeast Ohio/Mayfield Hts.
OH - Cincinnati/Sharonville
PA - Philadelphia/St. Davids
TX - Houston/West Loop
TX - Dallas Metroplex/Richardson
VA - Northern Virginia/Fairfax


I sent you an email, it's the one where the email addy ends in

Thanks, great deal!


@adio: Please make an effort to promote MicroCenter rather than exploit them, don't just go there to grab an item for free... (though the coupon specifically specifies that doing so is O.K.)

If we want to see more great deals like this one we need to support them rather than exploit them.

I, for example, got a Radeon HD 6450 1GB for ($52 - $20 rebate - $15 coupon + tax) = $19. That is less than what I sold my old GeForce 7600GT on e-bay for, so all in all I made money AND upgraded. I think that's better than a USB Stick anyway.


I got this coupon a few days ago from a friend. Bought a 16GB USB flash drive for $14.99 didn't pay a penny!


I thought that the cashier would look at me weird, but he just said "great deal!" and winked at me.


OP delivered, thanks! Anyone who's near a Micro Center should look at their ad online. They have some pretty good deals.

Their i5 2500k for $180 is $20 less than anyone else on the web, and you get $50 off z68 motherboards (all of this is in-store only).


I forgot to mention that this is one-use-per-household and if you've already received this coupon through someone, then MicroCenter will not send you another one.