dealspanasonic 3d smart blu-ray player w/wi-fi for $79…


I have this. It's been a great unit. Excellent wi-fi and plenty of apps that work very well.

HOWEVER, you can find this for the same price, no tax, free shipping, at Amazon.


This player was pretty much every magazine's top pick for 2012. It was given CNET's editor's choice as well. Great player.

The new 230 player comes out at the end of the month and hasn't changed much, so this is a great deal.


Same price on Amazon now...

I bought this player last year and I regret nothing!


Echoing all the previous comments. Grabbed mine a month ago for the same price at Costco. Great player, great features, streaming has been great, and has played the movies I've thrown at it from a USB drive. Interface was a little different from the norm, but still very intuitive.

Definitely recommend.