dealsstorm troopers can't aim tshirt for $14.00 + freeā€¦


very nice. i love the caption,"Only Imperial storm troopers are so precise."


Nice woot. Bunch of fairly funny mash-ups also available.


This actually makes me feel sad for the Storm Troopers.


Can anyone find another t-shirt on the site which the Storm Troopers can't aim model is wearing??? I'm not being a perv or anything. ;)


that website is terrible, no zoom feature to view shirts?


@tranadra: We do have a zoom feature. Check to make sure the page is loaded fully or that you don't have javascript enabled.

Mousing over the image should have a zoom window appear to the right, or you can click on the image to have it pop up larger.


This shirt's wonderful! I just wish I had the extra money/room in closet (I take up a lot of space...)

Oh, and sorry about the off topic, but just answering @bestbuysucks :


*hijacked thread starting....


@tranadra: I thought it was just me, using Chrome. What a terrible website! Actually, it's not the first t shirt site I've come across where I couldn't view the pictures for more than a split second. I don't know what drives these web devs to think more popups & animations = better. It usually only equates to more lag, and way more room for all sorts of error. Sounded like a cool shirt. Wonder what it looks like.


@bestbuysucks: Not being a perv, riiiiiiiiiight! We believe you! ;o)


@infiniteammo: using Chrome on an XP machine, website looks fine. zoom and all.


Zoom working fine here (FF, Vista).


@infiniteammo: I'm sorry you are having problems getting the zoom to work. We've made a secondary page where you should be able to see a larger image without any problems. Sorry for the troubles!