dealsgrace digital eco extreme 3.5mm aux waterproof…


Sorry, what? Does that actually say a $317 retail price?


not that I see

Wait, yes, on the black one it does, for some reason. Other colors at 50-60 retail.

Who knew black could be so expensive? Maybe it's because it's all teh other colors put together.


I got one of these @ Costco for $30 @ the beginning of the summer & took it kayaking & camping a bunch. Sounds pretty good for a small speaker and holds my iPodTouch4 and the aftermarket remote control & spare batteries I usually take along. Waterproof & floatable.


It works great and the sound is good. The only problem is that the plastic cover over the 3.5mm plug is too thick and wont fit through any of the cases. I hate removing my case so I took a razor blade and trimmed down the end of the cable. Now its perfect.


Looked good at first but it's a refurb and $5 shipping so you save less than $10 over the Costco price mentioned.