deals50% off national geographic talk abroad…


it appears that there is a problem with pricing or a missing discount code $29.99 vs $24.99


The SIM alone is $14.95, and can be cut for free (micro or nano).
A good deal, and the feature of free incoming calls is appealing.

HOWEVER, before you think you can get a free ride while traveling, here is what I found buried at the bottom of Terms & Conditions (

Fair Usage Policy
Those users that have more than five times the usage for free inbound calling than outbound calling will be charged $0.13 cents per minute on the excess inbound calls.


I am wondering how the service is? I have been looking for a phone to use in states mostly, as an emergency phone. Since I use Boost for my day to day calling, I only worry about getting signal in remote areas that I sometimes have to go to.


Can the sim be used for iPhone or any other smart phone?


@chhaylatte: They have the option to choose a micro or a nano SIM when you check out... so yes.