dealshow to tell if your cat is plotting to kill you…


That's ridiculous. Everyone knows that every cat is constantly plotting to kill its owner. They are never not plotting, even when you are opening their can of food.


The free shipping is for Amazon orders over $25, the book is only $8.98


@lparsons42: I agree. The only think keeping them from actually following through on it is the lack of opposable thumbs. If they ever figure out how to use a can opener without thumbs all us cat owners are so dead.


@gt0163c: My cat can open doors, and his brother is a polydactyl. #endoftimes


The "free shipping" is kind of misleading. It's free shipping only if you buy $16.02 of other things or you have Amazon Prime.

Also noting the book is released on 10/9. And, my cat is always plotting to kill me. I have have photo proof of it!


I know my calico hates me (totally bonded with my husband), but I don't think she's smart enough to "plot" - the little black one is conflicted - the other cats hate her, so who would play fetch with her if she killed us off?


@jkiewit8845: Prime members KNOW they have free shipping. The phrase "Free Shipping" should be reserved for items that ship for free regardless of race, creed, color, cart contents, or prime membership.


@j0hnlind: Shipping is NEVER free. I clicked the free shipping box to let the woot community know this is a prime eligible item. If you really want to get technical, the box should be labeled "Shipping included".