dealspapa's playoff special - 50% off any large pizza


Doesn't work in Galloway Ohio


This just worked for me:
Large 3 topping pizza for $9.99 - T108LP3
Expires: January 11, 2013


Worked for me from my iPhone Papa Johns app.


If you live in NC, stacks with code UNCTV for another 25% off.


Boycott his sad excuse for pizza!!! My entire family and friends have. Boycotts do work as Darden the parent company of Olive Garden tried to only employ part-time workers recently so they didn't have to pay for healthcare, and people stopped going there and they got the message and changed course. This guy is so wealthy he built himself a CASTLE to live in and he won't pay for healthcare for his employees. . Here is the picture of his CASTLE:


@bigray57: How dare a man do what he wants with his own money! FOR SHAME!!!


@johnt007871: Its really simple. Sell cardboard with bland sauce and smother it with mediocre cheese product and screw your employees out of healthcare, and I'm sure you'll do really well!!!


@mgherter: Envy is an ugly thing. Imagine what that guy pays in property taxes. I better get two pizzas tonight instead of just one.


@mgherter: When YOUR hospital bill goes up or you pay higher taxes because even MORE Americans have no choice but to get the most expensive form of healthcare delivery....the emergency room...remember you said that!


@bigray57: The government will take care of the healthcare. Isn't that the deal?


@bigray57: YEAH, that's RIGHT!! This evil Papa John dude sold his car to start his own business, worked his tail off to make it successful, and had done very well financially as a result... he DOES owe those high-school and college kids health insurance!! How dare he want to have part-time employees in the fast food industry. That's unheard of!

I'm glad to know that you, being upstanding and all, certainly pay for the health insurance for people that you hire... your mechanic, your plumber, your electrician, your yard guy. Congrats. Suddenly, I feel like pizza.


@mgherter: He has a right to do whatever he wants to do with his money and I have a right to spend my money the way I want. I want to not spend my money on crap pizza at a company that does not take care of the people who work for him. Ain't it wonderful,God Bless America!


I am not sure why everyone gangs up on Papa John's. MANY businesses are taking the same approach. ELECTIONS HAVE CONSEQUENCES!


So just how exactly is America the best country in the world when those with the lowest paying service industry jobs have no healthcare? How does that make us the envy of the world? We WERE the envy of the world (incuding ALL of the Industrialized World) when we took care of everyone in the Working Class. If you deserve a roof over your in your and ...HEALTHCARE! So if you on the right oppose Universal Single Payer Healthcare like the rest of the world gets...and you don't support forcing this guy to HELP pay for his employees healthcare (it's not free you know!)...then how do you expect the guy making $7.25 an hour to afford it on his own? Hell we don't even force guys like this to provide sick days for their employees...then we ALL suffer because those in the food service industry HAVE to go to work even when sick with the Flu or a Novovirus!


@webgenie: Stop it, you are making too much sense and stating FACTS. Those on the right HATE FACTS!!!


NFL50 does not work in sc neither does PAPASGIFT


Omg I just got the 3 topping large for $9.99 with a square cut and they cut it into pie wedges too! Only in MRCA! I ordered it from a mini computer that I use to make calls when I am not busy writing posts or ordering pizzas or reading rants or getting into the silliest debates because after greedily (and hungrily!) clicking on a link for a 50% off a pizza code on a Friday night. I mean...umm...I just read it for the articles. I'm happy everyday of my life that I wake up in the United States and all the ups, all the downs, all the love, the hate, the castles and the cardboard pizza. In America, we can literally choose from HUNDREDS of crappy pizzas!!! Zomg!!! C[_]


@nanaejt: Well said. I would never treat people who works for me that way. In fact, they all get paid more than I pay myself. His action is unconscionable.

It's not like his company's food is any good. I would go to the local gourmet pizza place, the ones that take care of their people. Here in Seattle, we even have Dick's (a small, but legendary burger chain) that pays for ALL of their employees' college tuition, plus healthcare. Their burgers are made out of the good cuts of meat (no fillers and crap), and they stopped using hydrogenated oil two years before McDonald's. Their burgers? Phenomenal. Cost? L< McDonald's. Mr. Dick Spady doesn't even drive a fancy car.

Of course it can be done. It only takes conscience.

My company is not that big, but every one gets healthcare, bar none, including the part-time contractors. I don't need a castle, I live comfortably, and see no need for such extravagance. Every one that works for me and their families also do. And we do kick ass work.


I didn't know that woot was a politics site now. I thought this was a deal website where people post good deals and we vote on the deal based on the price. Nobody cares that you guys don't want the crappy pizza because obviously a ton of people still do. I'm not personally a fan of papa john's pizza, but I will upvote it because it is indeed a good deal. That one guy is totally right. If these employees can't afford health insurance, it's not the company's fault, it's their fault for choosing a career in fast food. I think the bigger problem is the low taxes on people that make over 400k a year, and since they have accountants and stuff, they can pay even lower taxes. I don't think Peyton Manning should pay for these people's health insurance, but he should definitely pay way more tax on his riches, that way us poor people don't have to pay so much tax. He is not the only rich person in the world, but all you idiots just want to ban that one thing. Why don't you ban all big businesses?


I'm so sick of seeing all the complaints here from people who don't like the business or owner of whatever company the deal/discount is for. PLEASE, people, if you don't like the store/restaurant, fine, don't go there/don't take advantage of the deal. But PLEASE, stop coming here and poisoning the entire site for everyone else. And for those of you who say the pizza tastes like cardboard, wow. I feel sorry for you. Something wrong with your taste buds!


Our founding fathers wrote the second amendment to protect us from tyranny. Something they experienced during the founding of this country and they knew it would raise it's ugly head again, given time. That being said, I'm in for 3 of these pizzas tomorrow. Thanks Papa Johns!


@lll0228: Your right, the world would be a wonderful place if everyone was like you. The reality is they are not, but isnt it great living in the USA where you can say what you want and do what you want? Would it really be better if we forced everyone to be like you? No, if you want to change a man, change his heart then he will change himself. Lets just eat some pizza and ENJOY!!


@gamayko: What's so special about the freedom of speech? 130 countries on this planet have the same guarantee. I have lived in 11 of those, it's not such a big deal.

I don't understand why people would have issues with people writing about their strong opinions on this company, when they are also championing freedom of speech.

Quite an irony, no?


Lol, someone downvoted me for reporting the code doesn't work in my area...


@rmsalt: Really? I know Papa's pizzas are not very good but I would hardly call it tyranny !


@hoodsbreath: Probably one of these crazy people that want to boycott them is upset that you even tried to use the code lol


On the bright side, it does microwave well!


@big0range: this is the worst tasting pile of steaming dough I have ever tasted. Support your local economy and buy a fresh made pizza from your local pizza place? Why support the big corporations that get horrible tasting cheap ingredients? I buy local because I know I am directly supporting hard working people, not this sad excuse for buttered up cheese and his vengeful business tactics against hard working Americans