dealswireless controller for ps3 for $11.00 + freeā€¦


Can anyone else vouch that this is a reputable website? Never heard of them before this deal.


looks like another groupon type thing but ive never heard of them until today and they dont accept paypal so thats a deal killer for me.


Although this looks like an amazing deal and looks correct. Still not trusting it cause it seems to good to be true. Plus only have 9 likes on fb and being a site for 3 years doesnt seem logical if its a reputable site. If any luck let me know.


I took a chance and ordered a couple.


As mentioned above, these are third-party controllers. Judging by the Engrish, I'd say they're coming from somewhere in China. There's tons of these on ebay for roughly the same price, and at least that way you can use paypal.


"In a word, it is really a great accessory for enhanced gaming." LMAO


I actually bought this same one about a year ago. Worked very good until about a week ago. other than that It is worth the price for the 1st year or so.