deals50ft garden hose for $19.99


These hoses rock. Leave them out all winter and they wont split or crack. If they do, Sears will give you a new one no questions asked...


good timing, I've been wanting to replace a front yard hose since I moved into our new home last year. In for one, thanks OP!


I have had 2 of these Craftsman hoses, one was purchased 12 years ago and is still going strong


Not going to buy one this time, got one last Christmas. I'm an outdoorsy-gardening guy. These are the absoute best garden hoses I have owned. They never kink, they roll up really easily, and how can you go wrong with a lifetime warranty?


FYI, even though this is an "Online Only" promo price, seems you can still choose "Store Pickup -- Free" @$19.99 = in for one!


Looks as if I missed it. It's $34.99 now.