dealsadjustable 20lb. conditioning /training weight…


This is could be an inferior product, but a quick search yielded this at walmart for about the same price:


I bought weighted wrist straps (I'm pretty sure from this same site) about a year ago. Within 5 minutes, they started leaking these little metal disks (the weighted filling).


I own this product, purchased from a popular bodybuilding online retailer about 5 years ago. This uses (20) 1 lb. plates in individual pockets (no mess to leak) and it has the mp3 player pocket. This was designed before smart phones substituted iPods, so it won't fit anything bigger than an iPhone withOUT a cover.

I am 5'9", about 210 lbs. with a pretty decent build. You have to really cinch down on the vest or the friction around your waist and possibly under the arms will be irritating. I think I paid close to double the current cost.

I haven't had any seams bust either : )


Alot the stuff is hit and miss I have the wrist straps(if they are grey and with yell trim) like benyust2 and I use them pretty often and they are still great condition I guessed I lucked out so I will take my chance with the vest.


When you purchase something like a weighted vest, you want to go to a store that carries them and actually try them on. I purchased a cheap one off Amazon a few years ago and the thing was garbage. It fit uncomfortably and was just horrible. I couldn't return it and just cut my losses and sold it on Craigslist for half of what I paid for it.

Had I the chance of doing it over, I would have paid the $40 more in the sporting goods store that sold them. They would give you the option of trying it on before you purchased it.