dealsamerican apparel - technically free ($5 sale + $5…


Update 2: Looks to be more like a BOGO or similar since you cannot order from American Apparel with anything less than one cent, you're going to need to add something to the order in order for this to work. Sorry for the misleading title!


Just bought a $7 shirt, so I paid a total of $2.
Great deal.


Didn 't work for me either.


What do you think about the pictures on this site? Me personally I will not shop that site


Could get the free shipping to work but not the $5 off


They do have young girls in some strange poses.


Whenever I go to the American Apparel website, I feel like the FBI is going to knock on my door.


neither coupon would work for me---I'm out


AA has been trying for years to break into the Aeropostle and Abercrombie market.
Problem is they make great shirts, but their marketing has been very odd and suspect for years.
Pictures on this site are almost criminal. Look far down to the bottom, there are several lace shirts
with women wearing nothing under the shirt. To a 17 year old boy, this is a great site. But I think they should have a disclaimer on the site for young kids, because that is the market they are going after


American Apparel has no interest in getting into the Aeropostale/Abercrombie market. Do you see the prices of AA compared to those companies? Aeropostale/Abercrombie are mid range teen suppliers that are constantly doing sales, putting their average article price around $10-20.

Good luck finding comparable prices on AA or comparable styles/fashion. American Apparel is targeted at 18 and up.

If you cant handle some moderate nudity on a website then you need to grow up. Almost everyone in the world will see someone else naked before they die, there is nothing wrong with naked.

EDIT: I tried to place 2-3 orders and got confirmation pages but never emails, I dont think my orders really went through for these $2-3 orders.