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website demands you join before you can view any product


@erunyon: Yes, it's flash sale. That's pretty normal. TheFoundary is the flash sale arm of Hayneedle, which is a Woot sponsor.


So what? Web sites like that are really annoying and will never get my business.


@bigelowb: I was only explaining to the other community member that this is not a spam/scam etc. It's just flash sale, the fastest growing retail sector.

In answering your "so what" question:

You know what this is @bigelowb. I understand that you don't like it. I respect that.

Then please, don't click on the link and don't look whenever you see in the description. You have posted enough times and your point is clear, again, I respect that.

That's also why, as a service to other community members, I have posted the FULL description of the product here, so really, no one needs to sign-in to see the product and view the description. If someone wants a larger image, a quick Google/Bing would do, or sometimes I even post the larger image here.

You are free to choose who you buy from, that's fine with me, completely. I choose based on my conscience (I don't buy from WalMart etc.), and you can choose based on your feeling as well.


I too hate these sites that demand you register before viewing anything. Needless to say I just move along and spend my money elsewhere since these "deals" do show up at others.


@balbright: Great job finding that!

Yes, initially I was hesitant, too, but then I figured if I used a shopping only email, it would be easy to manage (and I was right). I have saved a ton using Fab and TheFoundary already. And like yesterday's promoted Deals.Woot deals, I found it cheaper at TheFoundary than the by $25 (and free shipping yesterday).

There are certainly good stuff to be had, and I have had nothing but Nordstrom level services from Fab and TheFoundary.