dealsnew otterbox samsung galaxy s3 iii defender caseā€¦


I bought 2 of these from Amazon - one for my wife and one for me.

Within 4 months the silicone has stretched and won't stay where it's supposed to on the phone.
The plastic screen cover will not stay clean and is not clear.

We take care of our phones and do not mistreat them or the cases.

This particular model for the Galaxy S3 is a piece of crap - go look on Amazon at the reviews or google reviews on this item.

I have switched to a Ballistix case for both of our phones and would recommend ANYTHING other than this Otterbox case. The Ballistix does not have a screen protector, but the case is an excellent fit and the silicone has not stretched like the Otterbox model.

I won't buy another Otterbox for a phone. They were not even helpful in trying to return/swap for another case.