deals3 piece wine accessory kit for $6.99 + shipping


3 pieces... hmmm.. the container it comes in is one of the "pieces"... I guess the bar is very low for what is considered a "piece" in a kit now days... It looks more like a 2 piece wine accessory kit. But hey... maybe I am just being picky.


@rbarger: the container is separate. it comes with the full glass of wine pictured*.

*not responsible for spillage occurring during shipping.


- Matte black plastic case with magnetic clasps
- Corkscrew, bottle-opener multi-tool
- Foil cutter
- 9 1/4" tall


@rbarger: Including the case in the "piece" count is something I've seen countless times with other products and I agree, it does seem a bit deceptive\desperate.
However, this case actually seems pretty useful since I'll be able to store the tools\case right in my wine rack, so maybe I'll forgive them.

(EDIT: So much for that...the internet filter at work is blocking this site for "Online Gambling".)


I don't know when corkscrews went from looking like a wood screw to looking like a pig tail (all antique ones are wood screw looking), but I HATE pig tale corkscrews. I blame the Swiss army knife.